Blog: Current Examples of how Corporate Control of our Government and Media Destroy our Democratic Republic

Proof: Russiagate is a Hoax

Former Technical Director of the Analysis and Recording Area at the National Security Agency (NSA) Bill Binney gives an explanation.  By analyzing the coding of the messages themselves, he proves those messages were not “hacked” by anyone but were downloaded onto an external device and physically sent to Wikileaks.  The Russians had nothing to do with it but were a convenient scapegoat to divert attention away from the damning contents of the leaks themselves.  They revealed how the 2016 Democratic Primary was manipulated in favor of Hillary Clinton.  That the old Cold War relationship between the US and Russia could possibly be inflamed was a convenient side effect.  Here is the approximately 50 min. interview with Bill Binney.

Ocean of lies about Venezuela

The mainstream media, which is owned by 6 companies, parrots the propaganda influenced by the military/industrial/congressional complex.  This discussion sheds some light on the truth behind the efforts of the administration to overthrow a duly elected president.

Ocean of lies about Venezuela is a presentation by Abby Martin which lasts about 40 minutes.

What does this have to do with Democracy in Defiance?  How can we claim to live in a democracy with a mainstream media that lies?